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CAPMT Festivals

Piano Festivals and Ensemble Festivals are non-competitive, welcoming programs designed to encourage and motivate students of all ages. For many teachers and students, this is their favorite event of the year! Repertoire is performed in an audition, recital, or festival setting, depending on the District/Chapter. Students are given constructive comments, along with a rating from 1-5. Students receiving a "5" are invited, but not required, to perform at the CAPMT Festival Celebrations.

CAPMT Piano and Ensemble Festivals NEWS

We encourage more performance of non-Classical music. Piano Festivals is a non-competitive program. All applicants will still be required to learn one solo according to the repertoire list. The second piece selection can be virtually anything. Therefore, we highly encourage the use of composer's music who hail from anywhere and everywhere: living composers, female composers, composers of color, improvisations, arrangements, movie scores, video game music, anime themes, jazz, and more.

CAPMT Piano and Ensemble Festivals Committee