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Young Professional Leadership Network

The Young Professional Leadership Network (YPLN) is a CAPMT initiative dedicated to supporting new and emerging California music teachers in the early stages of their careers. By creating a statewide network of young musicians, the YPLN seeks to increase opportunities for mentorship and professional development, equipping young teachers to become successful music leaders and advocates for arts education in their communities.

Get Involved!
The Young Professional Leadership Network (YPLN) is open to anyone interested in the issues facing new and emerging professional music teachers. Join us to:

  • Discover programs, performances, and events in your community, such as the“Young Professionals on Stage” Performance Series.
  • Connect with other musicians, educators, and artists in your community, as well as at the state and national level.
  • Take advantage of CAPMT/MTNA benefits. Learn about competitive and non-competitive program opportunities for your students.
  • Learn about professional development and continuing education opportunities, such as access to the YPLN Webinar Series and CAPMT Connect,a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Engage in CAPMT and YPLN leadership positions at the chapter, district, and state level.
  • Develop mentor relationships for future leadership opportunities, such as creating relevant events in your music community.

We have two main initiatives:

  1. Pedagogy and Play

  1. "Young Professionals on Stage" Performance Series

Register Now!
Registration is completely free to CAPMT/MTNA members! To become a member of the Young Professional Leadership Network, please complete the short form below. Once the YPLN Registration Form is completed and submitted, new CAPMT YPLN members will receive a confirmation e-mail within 1–2 weeks.

YPLN members must belong to MTNA and CAPMT. To join MTNA and CAPMT, click here.

YPLN Registration Form

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