RCM Scholarship Program

CAPMT RCM Scholarship Program Information & Application Form

The CAPMT RCM Scholarship Program has been established to assist CAPMT students who need financial assistance to participate in The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program (performance and/or academic assessments).

To maintain eligibility for scholarship awards, all guidelines must be followed. Distribution of CAPMT RCM Scholarship awards is at the sole discretion of the CAPMT Board of Directors.

Questions regarding the CAPMT RCM Scholarship Fund should be directed to Janisse Foresti, NCTM, CAPMT State Treasurer at treasurer@capmt.org

Student Eligibility
Students are awarded RCM Scholarship funds based on their need and merit, with need being the dominating factor.

Teacher Eligibility
CAPMT Teachers must be current with their MTNA/CAPMT membership dues and follow all guidelines from the Procedures Upon Receipt of Award Instructions (see below). Failure to provide requested documentation will result in future ineligibility.

Application Rules & Guidelines

  • All correspondence regarding the CAPMT RCM Scholarship Program must be through the CAPMT Teacher.
  • Application and supporting documentation must be filled out online and submitted by the CAPMT Teacher.

Application & Award Notification Dates

    • Application Dates: August 15 through October 20
    • Notification Date: October 31

    • Application Dates: December 15 through February 1
    • Notification Date: February 10

    • Application Dates: April 15 though May 15
    • Notification Date: June 1

Procedure Upon Receipt of Award Instructions
CAPMT Teachers will be issued scholarship program award checks for their approved students through their District/Chapter.

  • CAPMT Teacher will personally register their approved scholarship student(s) for the RCM session for which the scholarship was awarded.
  • CAPMT Teacher will send documentation of assesment registration to the CAPMT State Treasurer.
  • Should a student decide not to participate in the awarded assessment session for any reason, the amount of the award must be returned in full by the CAPMT Teacher directly to the CAPMT State Treasurer.
    • Please note that the student is eligible to re-apply for a CAPMT-RCM Scholarship Program Award in future sessions.

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