CAPMT Student Evaluations

Student Evaluations
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CAPMT Student Evaluations

provide a comprehensive curriculum for piano and violin students. The yearly (1:1, non-competitive) evaluations include performance, oral questions, technique, sight reading, a written music literacy test, and aural skills. Performance for an evaluator includes three pieces representing different time periods and styles. Memorization is recommended for all three pieces, but is required for two. In addition, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of music notation, symbols, terms, music history time periods, composers, form, tonality, and rhythm at a level appropriate for the age and level of the student.

Syllabi for Piano (Levels Preparatory A through 12) and Violin (Levels Preparatory B through 10) are available below. Music Literacy Workbooks with Sample Written Tests are also available below.

Benefits of Participation

    In addition to a balanced curriculum, students develop increased goal-setting and time-management skills.
    Parents receive a comprehensive evaluation of their child’s yearly achievement.
    The CAPMT Student Evaluations Syllabus offers teachers an organized curriculum for the education of their students, as well as an important motivational tool.

Placement of Students

Since students will be evaluated in all of the required aspects, initial placement at a given level should include consideration of all requirements. If a student seems to fit between two levels, it is recommended that the student be placed at the lower level. It is permissible for a student to perform repertoire of a more advanced level than that of the level of entry. Since each student is unique, it may help to consider the following before making a final decision as to placement:

  • Student’s age
  • Student’s past rate of progress
  • Student’s demonstrated work habits
  • Totality of the requirements for the level
  • Amount of time available before the Evaluation


  • Please see CAPMT Student Programs for general Guidelines and Music Rules, including copyright and photocopy information.
  • A second original copy of the music must be provided for the Evaluator for repertoire that is not memorized.
  • Please number the measures of all pieces at the beginning of each line.
  • There will be no refunds of registration fees in the event of non-participation.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for submitting an application to the wrong District: Chapter. Students who apply to the wrong District: Chapter will NOT be rescheduled to a different District: Chapter. A new application with payment of the application fees to the correct District: Chapter will need to be submitted. Please be sure you are applying to the correct District: Chapter when submitting your application form. Please confirm the District: Chapter with your TEACHER. Thank you.
  • As with all CAPMT Student Programs, teachers who have students participating will be expected to help in some manner or send a studio representative to assist as needed.

Student Evaluations Performance Forms

Upon successful submission and payment of the Student Evaluations Application Form by the Parent, the Teacher will receive an e-mail with a link to fill out the repertoire for the Student. The Performance Form will be automatically generated and e-mailed to the Student Evaluations Chapter Chair.

Student Evaluations Application, Consent Waiver, & Payment Form

District & Chapter Student Evaluations Dates and Venues

District 1
San Diego & Imperial Counties
No Student Evaluations scheduled for 2019.

District 2
San Francisco, Bay Area, Santa Clara Valley

District 3
Los Angeles County (Southern)

District 4
Riverside & San Bernardino Counties
No Student Evaluations scheduled for 2019.

District 5
Sacramento & San Joaquin Valleys

District 6
San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties

District 7
Redwood Empire

District 8
Orange County

District 9
Los Angeles County (Northern)


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