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CAPMT Student Programs


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CAPMT Student Programs: Guidelines
(updated November 2018)

  • CAPMT members submitting applications for CAPMT Student Programs must have paid State and Nationaldues before the application deadline.
  • It is the responsibility of each CAPMT teacher to abide by these Guidelines. Failure to abide by the Guidelines will result in disqualification of the applicant.
  • All CAPMT Student Programs Consent Waiver Forms are embedded in the Application Form for each Event/Program.
  • Late applications forms will not be accepted.
  • Communication regarding any CAPMT Student Program must be between the teacher and the District Chair, State Chair, or Vice President of Student Programs. It is inappropriate for a student or parent to contact any Chair or CAPMT Board Member.
  • Decisions of the adjudicators are FINAL.
  • Teachers, applicants, parents/guardians may not converse with adjudicators before, during, or after any CAPMT evaluated program with regards to that program.
  • Students may enter CAPMT Auditions/Evaluations in:
    • the Chapter where the student has permanent residence
    • the Chapter where the instruction takes place
    • the Chapter to which the teacher belongs
  • Students may enter CAPMT Concerto Competition in:
    • the Region where the student has permanent residence
    • the Region where the instruction takes place
    • the Region to which the teacher belongs
  • Students may enter CAPMT Contemporary Music Competition and Honors Music Competition in:
    • theDistrictwhere the student has permanent residence
    • theDistrictwhere the instruction takes place
    • the Districtto which the teacher belongs
  • Useonly the current application form for each CAPMT Student Program; all others are ineligible.
  • Fees for participation in a program must be paid online by the parent/legal guardian via PayPal account or credit card.
  • Repertoire listed on the application form is to be used at all levels—Chapter (if applicable), District, Region, and State Finals—of the audition/evaluation/competition. No repertoire changes arepermitted.
  • There are NO REFUNDS of application fees in the event of non-participation.
  • There are NO REFUNDS of Non-CAPMT Teacher fees.
    • Please check the status of Teacher’s CAPMT Membership before submitting application form. NO REFUNDS will be issued for Membership status errors.

CAPMT Student Programs: Music Rules
(updated September 2018)

  • Entrants will abide by all U.S. Copyright Laws and, when applicable, have permission to use all music given to judges and accompanists during all phases of the auditions/evaluations/competitions. Click Here for Music Release/Copyright Information Document.
  • Entrants will examine their music to make sure it corresponds exactly to repertoire listed on Application form.
  • Photocopies: Music Release Forms will no longer be required at all levels of the auditions/evaluations/competitions. Before starting the application process, all entrants have agreed to abide by U.S. Copyright Laws. Entrants have stated that they have the right to use whatever music is presented at all levels of the auditions/evaluations/competitions.
  • All measures must be numbered at the beginning of each system.
  • Names and/or identifying information do NOT need to be covered on music.
  • Entrants forfeit consideration for any placement (winner/alternate/honorable mention) but may play for comments only if:
    • All music listed on the application is NOT presented for examination at registration.
    • Entrant is not prepared to perform all music listed on application.
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